The Last Original member of The Legendary group
"the Coasters"
​A Special Note from Leon:
"In October 1955, myself, along with my friends Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Bobby Nunn became the original members of The Coasters.  Since then, there have been numerous performers, tribute bands, and even a few imposters who have tried to capitalize on the name, and the fame, that Carl, Billy, Bobby and I started almost 65 years ago. 
While Carl, Billy and Bobby have passed on, as the last original member of the group, I take great pride in
​carrying on the tradition, and the music, that made The Coasters famous!"

About Leon Hughes, Sr.

Leon Hughes, Sr.

Born Leon Hughes, May 6, 1930 in Los Angeles County, CA. 

Leon "Pops" Hughes started acting with his parents as a child and toured with early lineups of the Hollywood Flames (with which he also recently acted in a 1998 revival show). He was an original member of the Lamplighters during 1952-53 (together with Mathew Nelson and Willie Ray Rockwell). Hughes left the Lamplighters before they recorded with new lead Al Frazier. Leon was recommended by Bobby Nunn (who knew him from Watts, L.A.) for The Coasters´ original line-up. Around this time (or possibly in early 1957) Leon recorded with The Celebrity's (which included his brother Elder O’Neal) on Caroline and also recorded on his own label Leoneal Records with The Signeals (a group inlcuding both his brother and his sister Shirley Hughes). Leon stayed in California when the Coasters moved to New York (recorded the two Flip singles as The Dukes with Bobby Nunn in 1959) and later launched a non-original, occasionally acting, Coasters group originally featuring Young Jessie (one record on Chelan was issued as "The Coasters Two Plus Two" featuring him and Nunn in 1975 – and two other singles were issued as "The World Famous Coasters").

Today, at the ripe young age of 87, "Pops" is still going strong, touring around the world with his group, known as "Leon Hughes - the Original & His Coasters".

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